The unsurpassed quality, competitive prices, quick availability and warranty of the DOOSAN, TEKSAN, LIEBHERR and ISKAR branded parts we provide are your optimum quality options. From fluids to filters to lube oil to complete components like engines, the Maxon Product Support Team has everything you need to increase your returns on investment. Our highly trained service personnel and engineers, and specially customized services have been organized to offer you with comprehensive solutions round the clock through one-stop solution. We offer a complete range of genuine spare parts and service kits at competitive prices. We also maintain a handsome parts inventory that stocks almost every regular and fast moving part you may need. We are committed to fulfilling most of our parts orders in the shortest span of time. We also have a 24/7 online parts ordering provision that is supported by our Principals’ Logistics Services. With direct access to the DOOSAN and other foreign Principals’ network, latest technical information, product update and expertise, we have all that it takes to provide you with your required genuine parts.

DOOBIZ is an online resource that provides information on DOOSAN parts and service. The DOOBIZ Web contains thousands of parts and service documents including their latest maintenance instruction, service information, safety bulletins and product updates; it is, in fact, updated daily, and ensures that the most current parts and service information is always available.

In providing our service, Maxon Power Limited embraces the concept that the key to success is to provide quick response time and at the same time offering high quality solution to our customers. Maxon with full dedication to provide customers’ satisfaction has proven record of nearly two decades of providing quality services to ensure the reliability of the clients. We, being the authorized dealer of DOOSAN, TEKSAN, LIEBHERR and ISKAR products, is committed to providing industry-leading customer service that is delivered by a team of experienced and reliable engineers and service personnel. As a company, it puts its customers' needs first with one of the most comprehensive support and care programs in the business today.

We are “action”, not “issue” driven. Experienced and qualified product support team handles enquiries and call outs. Adequate number of highly skilled engineers, and competent technicians, managers and support staff work relentlessly round the clock to boost every aspect of your engine and equipment's productivity. Our service team is available for on-site and emergency services as on when required. Each of our teams have access to a comprehensive library of technical data, manuals and bulletins and are equipped with special purpose sophisticated tools and computerized diagnostic equipment to provide fast, accurate troubleshooting, and repair support and solutions. Because we value Customer Success and Satisfaction, we provide unparalleled nationwide product and service support, and our well-maintained fleet of service vehicles, and through our nationwide Service Stations. Be it anywhere and anytime, we are always ready and happy to walk an extra mile for supporting our customers' interests and for safeguarding their investments.

We also have topnotch technical expertise for specialized functions like Design, Planning, Installation, Commissioning, Preventive Maintenance, Trouble Shooting and Overhauling of Engines and Equipments in industry, power plant and port sectors. In fact, our capability of overhauling engines, repairing and maintaining power generators and machine components through quality work and less downtime are one of our many ways of contributing to our customer's success and satisfaction.

Moreover, we have implemented the Continuous Customer Satisfaction Survey to improve customer satisfaction in all our facilities and branches to enhance the quality of the service we provide. Our customer care services include the AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) which provides a premium support to our customers by lowering the latter's per unit cost of production with minimum downtime and thus ensure the complete peace of mind to customers. These agreements are tailored to fit the requirements of individual businesses and range from simple Preventive Maintenance Kits to sophisticated Total Cost Performance Guarantees. No matter which option our customers choose, they can be assured that we will provide them with careful planning and ongoing attention for their ventures. As an exclusive DOOSAN, TEKSAN, LIEBHERR and ISKAR dealer, we are committed to offering you all sorts of services for heightening the efficacy of every aspect of your operation. Our Complete Engineering Solutions, and well-equipped inspection and testing equipment and tooling are all in conformity with standard guidelines for process improvement. For any critical and intricate issue, the online service support and consultation from foreign principals such as DOOSAN, TEKSAN, LIEBHERR and ISKAR are available as required.

We supplement our regular activities with various in-house and foreign trainings for enhancement of knowledge with up-to-date information and skills suitable for Bangladesh’s field condition and environment.

We have dedicated Call Center Department with Hotline number to facilitate everything support on our entire product line and product supports.


  • Regional service centers across the country.
  • Dedicated service support vehicles for instant support.
  • Well-equipped local warehouses for spare parts support.
  • Source of genuine spare parts and filters.
  • Nearly 2 decades proven record of capability to maintain & overhaul all models of Generators and Machines.
  • Providing service support as on when required and logistically be fully equipped.
  • Online service supports from foreign Principals.
  • Supplementation of regular activities with various in-house and foreign trainings for enhancement of knowledge with up-to-date information and skills suitable for Bangladesh’s field condition and environment.
  • Undertaking of Operation & Maintenance Contracts and Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC).
  • Have full-fledged project department for design, implementation and supervision. The project department also carries out Turnkey projects.
  • Dedicated Call Center Department for providing After-Market services to clients.
  • Continuous Customer Satisfaction Survey from field level.

Our Prime Considerations are:

  • Occupational, Health and Safety
  • Environmental Management
  • Project Management
  • Waste Management
  • Full Compliance of Local as well as International Standard (ISO,ANSI,IEEE,IEC,ASME)
  • Competitive bidding through Enhancement of Local manpower.

Our Services:

  • Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Repair, Overhauling of TEKSAN Generator Sets.
  • Commissioning, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Overhauling of DOOSAN Equipment (Forklift, Excavator, Wheel Loader and other material handling & earth moving equipment)
  • Commissioning, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Overhauling of LIEBHERR and ISKAR Equipment and Cranes.
  • Overhauling and Maintenance of Large Turbo Generator which includes replacement of new Retaining Ring, insulation, Wedges and Electrical testing such as IR,PI,RSO,ELCID, Partial Discharge Measurement of Stator, Rotor and Exciter, NDT of highly stressed mechanical Component.
  • Vehicula tortor
  • Installation and Retrofit of Waste Heat Recovery Boiler including replacement of Water wall Tubes, Headers, Circulatory Tubes, Screen Tubes, Boiler Bank Tubes etc.
  • Erection of heavy Heat Exchanger like BFW Preheater, Air Preheater High Pressure Condenser, Stripper, Startup Heaters etc.
  • Installation of Cryogenic Plant such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon Generation Plant.
  • Installation of any other Process Plant in the field of Fertilizer factory, Power Plant.

Our Clients