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  • Overhauling and Maintenance of Large Turbo Generator which includes replacement of new Retaining Ring, insulation, Wedges and Electrical testing such as IR,PI,RSO,ELCID, Partial Discharge Measurement of Stator, Rotor and Exciter, NDT of highly stressed mechanical Component.

  • Vehicula tortor

  • Installation and Retrofit of Waste Heat Recovery Boiler including replacement of Water wall Tubes, Headers,Circulatory Tubes, Screen Tubes,Boiler Bank Tubes etc.

  • Erection of heavy heat Exchanger like BFW Preheater, Air Prheater High Pressure Condenser, Stripper, Startup Heaters etc.

  • Installation of Cryogenic Plant such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon Generation Plant.

  • Installation of any other Process Plant in the field of Fertilizer factory, Power Plant.


Our Prime Considerations are:


  • Occupational, Health and Safety
  • Environmental Management
  • Project Management
  • Waste Management
  • Full Compliance of Local as well as International Standard (ISO,ANSI,IEEE,IEC,ASME)
  • Competitive bidding through Enhancement of Local manpower.